The man with 6000 hot sauces (interview)


As a hot sauce lover and maker myself, I have to say I’m a huge fan of what I’ve seen in the pictures on Instagram. When did you start collecting hot sauces, and how many bottles do you currently have?

Chef, I’ve been collecting for a little over 18 years now. My wife Wendy started me on it, she had bought me 12 bottles for a very first Christmas together. (I still have those original 12 bottles) That holiday season when friends and family came over, we would laugh at some of the funny and some vulgar labels, it sparked the passion. Shortly after that I came across a cool little book called “The Great Hot Sauce Book” by Jennifer Trainer Thompson. The book really opened my eyes to how many hot sauces were out there and that there were people like me who were collecting them. Jennifer’s book sparked the obsession!

I do not have an accurate number has to how many I actually have right now, it’s roughly right below 6,000 unique, factory sealed and different bottles from all over the world. I have some in storage with a friend, some enroute being shipped, some in my garage, along with the ones displayed in our dining room.

Read the full interview here: The man with 6000 hot sauces (interview).


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